Saturday, July 29, 2017

DIY Mini Toolbox Ornaments

diy mini toolbox ornaments

Everyone needs a toolbox, it's one of those necessities in life.  Even cuter would be a mini toolbox ornament!  As part of the tool tree ornaments series I'm sharing how to make these simple toolbox ornaments.

christmas in july graphic

Happy to have you joining me for Christmas in July, it's never too early to start thinking about holiday decorations and gifts.

If you have that certain someone in your life that might appreciate tools of all sorts be sure to follow along in my mini tool tree ornament tutorials.

mini toolbox ornaments
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how to make mini tool boxes

Step 1: Cut 3/4" square dowel at 2 1/2" long.  Spray paint using Rustoleum apple red gloss.

step 2 mini toolbox ornament

Step 2: Predrill 2 holes at center top for eye strap and attach using 1/2" wood screws.  To create toolbox lid draw a line at an angle on each side and across the front top 1/3 using a dark red permanent marker.

clay latches for mini toolboxes

Step 3: Make the latches using Fimo metallic silver clay.  Add a small wire U shape into the clay before baking.  Bake as directed on packaging.  Once dry use super glue to attach to toolbox front.

Tie twine around eye strap for hanger.

diy mini toolboxes

Super cute as stand alone ornaments or make the whole collection of mini tools:

mini tool tree ornament collection

All the tutorials will be posted in due time, be sure to follow along.


mini saw blade ornaments
mini saw blade
mini paint brush ornament
mini paint brush
mini extension cord ornament
mini extension cord
mini tape measure ornaments
mini tape measure
mini spray paint ornament
mini spray paint


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    1. Thanks Beth, I had so much fun creating all the minis. The pressure is on for this year!